Our staff of qualified Claims Consultants is here to represent you in the event of a loss. By reporting claims directly to one of the staff members, your time is saved and your interests are well represented. After reviewing your claim, we will work directly with the insurance carrier to assure a prompt and fair settlement. We will also regularly monitor your claims to be sure that reserves are realistic.

To keep you informed, loss runs and claims review meetings are available to discuss the status of your open claims.

In addition, we have a very close working relationship with a Medical Management Coordinator who will assist you with:

Return-To-Work Planning with Initial Medical Care;
  • Medical Cost Containment;
  • Reduced Lost Time Days;
  • Case Management - Cost Review;

In the event of a catastrophe, such as Hurricane Iwa or Iniki, we will work alongside of you at all times. Coordination with the insurance carriers is of utmost importance. We will marshal whatever resources are necessary to bring your claims to successful conclusion.

Where are we when you need us most?

Right by your side!

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